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Software as a service

EQT is cloud-based which means there’s no software to install, no servers to maintain and it is fully supported by our team of developers. The only cost is a monthly licence fee.

Reduce Handling Time

Whether at the door or on the phone, the EQT can create quotes for customers within minutes improving customer service and reducing the cost of providing quotes.

Improve Accuracy

Because the EQT is linked with the Electricity Registry, it means quotes are more accurate. This reduces the cost associated with misquoting and managing customer complaints.


Gain valuable insight into your sales/quoting activity and competitiveness across each network.


The EQT is linked directly with the New Zealand Electricity Registry which allows agents to search for details using either the ICP or the supply address. This ensures that all quotes created are accurate and customised to your customer.


The EQT integrates to your billing system or CRM which allows you to generate quotes in EQT and send customer’s details to external systems for future contact.

The EQT lets you easily upload pricing via excel spreadsheet into the back end. The intelligent uploader checks for any data errors and gives the user the ability to fix up data on the fly.


This allows the user to upload a list of customer addresses where the EQT will query the Registry and return the ICP number, pricing category, network company meter type and current retailer for each record.

There is no limit on the number of sites that can be quoted. If you have a particularly large multi-site customer, then use our ICP importer to upload an excel spreadsheet containing a list of sites. The uploader will validate each ICP and let you select the offer for each site.


The EQT is hosted on our secure New Zealand servers, meaning you can access your software from anywhere and from any device. Implementing your version of the EQT takes just 2 hours, and the entire setup process takes less than 2 days to complete.

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